Is there a way in UiPath wherein we can encrypt a password without using Orchestrator

hi ,
I have a scenario where i do not want to use Orchestrator assets to save credentials.
Also I do not want password to be written in plain text as we do using “ADD Credential” Activity.
Also do not want to save password in config file as it can be read by any user running the bot.
Please suggest an approach to go about .
@PrankurJoshi , can you help?

Hi @rinki

See these thread


UiPath can be integrated with CyberArk password vault to store and retrieve passwords.
Learn more here:Storing Robot Credentials in CyberArk

You can also make use of UiPath.Cryptography.Activities package. (



Save your credentials to windows credentials manager

Use get secure credentials to retrive back credentials.


Thanks @rahatadi , @PrankurJoshi and @Tuhin_Samanta I will try out the suggested approaches.

Hi @PrankurJoshi,

Many thanks for suggesting those 2 steps, but sadly as a beginner I can’t work out how to build the context to make it work.
Would you kindly be able to elaborate on how to apply those steps please?
Basically the idea is to be able to store/save a secure password that will not be shown on UiPath’s logs and to then log into a website, without the use of Orchestrator.

I’ve searched on this forum but the best answers I could find all lead to those same 2 steps.
Many thanks in advance.