Is there a test endpoint for using the Automation Hub OpenAPI?

I would like to know if there is a test endpoint or parameter that can be used while I work out the code to manage our organization’s Automation Hub users using the OpenAPI?

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You can access the automation hub through Orchestrator based on API

Ashwin S

Hello @johansec,

Please check the Automation Hub Open API documentation.

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That strikes me as a lazy answer. Of course I checked the documentation, the forum and the general internet before posting this question. I don’t need the answer now. I worked out my code using the production API endpoint.

@johansec, if you would to experiment with Automation Hub in a sandbox (Open API or some other features), there are several ways to do so:

  • You can start a free trial at and use it for your test purposes (in this way, you test the production API without handling sensitive company-related data).
  • If your company is enrolled in the Insider Program, the Multi-tenancy Private Preview for Automation Hub, then you can enable the usage of Automation Hub on a test tenant, and again, test various capabilities including the Open API, without the need to do it directly on your Production tenant.

I am certain you already discovered this resource, which addreses the topic of Open API and user management.

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