Is there a nice cheat sheet or manual explaining the language of writing programming-commands into uiPath?

Dear all, while learning I noticed that there is a need to write in a certain way to tell UiPath to programme the robot to do what we need it to do. Is there a uiPath manual of various commands documenting HOW to type certain commands properly/clearly?

For example, if we have a data table and we want 1 cell to multiply with another cell to derive a total value in 3rd cell. Like total = qty * price,

we would need to type in data-table something like

item.row(“total”) = item.row(“qty”)*item.row(“price”)

If i had not seen Anders Jensen’s youtube video instructing me how to type this, I would never have guessed to write it in this way, with the periods “.” and the brackets () etc.

Yet alone on the need to convert the numbers to decimal points or “doubles” in the local (nerd ~ no offence) language of uipath.

item.row(“total”) = convert.todouble(item.row(“qty”))*convert.todouble(item.row(“price”))

Is there any nice cheat sheet or chapter teaching us how the language of issuing these commands?

Thank you!

we would recommend that you will take a crash course on VB.Net (or C#) for getting the basics
VB.Net Programming Tutorial

There are several posts that do list statements for a particular topic (e.g. date, data table)…
Currently, we are working on rolling out such a cheatsheet series. Have a look here:

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