Is there a MVP program for China?

UiPath Chinese users can login the English community, create topic, and discuss here. But when I check MVPs list, its country filter does not include China. So I am wondered that for Chinese users how to join MVP program?

Hi, owl! Thanks for this message! We’re thrilled that there is interest for extending the MVP program in different areas. China is on our map regarding MVPs and we are happy to look for highly engaged members of our community there. Do you have any recommendations of people that would fit the profile (details about the profile below)?

We are looking for people dedicated and immersed in the community and in the development of UiPath products.

A UiPath MVP profile:

  • an expert in using UiPath suite or specific subject areas
  • highly engaged in the UiPath Community (posts on the Forum, has components on Go!, gives reviews on Go, has a thriving profile and projects on Connect!)
  • acts as a Teacher, Contributor, and Influencer of the UiPath products
  • has proven influence in shaping the UiPath product roadmap
  • innovates by providing new solutions which may become new products or product features
  • is the guardian of the UiPath Community values

If you have any recommendations, I would be happy to take them into consideration.

Thanks, have great days,