Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump to last filed row or column?


Is there a keyboard shortcut to jump to last filed row or column ? Thx

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Try to use Ctrl + down for come to the last filled row and Ctrl + Right for come to the last filled coloumn in send hotkey activity.


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Thanks Mohansadaiyapillai,
Same approach but I want to go to the 1st Upper cell, im my bellow example , I want to go to C1:


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I can use : Ctrl+Home followed by right arrows but it will not be usefull in case I have many columns, that why I want a quick shortcut :slight_smile:

@hsendel You can use Rows Count and Columns Count is there any specific reason to use shortcut keys.

YES, It’s useful Solution but needs “Excel App Scope” Activity, Right?

@hsendel Yes but you can use read range workbook activity also.

I’m using start App instead of Excel App Scope, but let me try this too…

Hi @hsendel
Hope you are doing good

That’s fine actually we can use that start activity to get the excel to the foreground of screen
But sometimes workbook or even excel application scope won’t bring the excel to foreground rather it will blink in the task bar itself
So it’s fine START process activity


Fine for this we will be generally using a hot key like “Ctrl + up” arrow to go for the first of the current column
Well if we need to go to particular cell we can use another short cut as “ctrl + g” which will open a pop up
—Select the pop up window using click activity and use a type into activity and mention the cell and position we want like C1 and click on enter
This will also go to the required column we want


Will take us to very first cell of the table like A1 and not to first cell of current column and using Send hot key has no impact on number of columns or records we have in our excel

Hope this would help you buddy
Kindly try this and let know for any queries or clarification
Cheers @hsendel

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