Is there a complete API full list?

Hello UiPath RPA community,

I’m doing research on RPA capabilities and am looking for a complete list of the API available for UiPath’s RPA. Does anyone know if there is one?

I’ve already examined the Orchestrator API Guide but I believe these are only examples of the APIs available. Is there a more cohesive list anywhere?

Hoping someone can help.
Thank you.

Hey @krhlaw1,

You can explore more about the UiPath API’s over here


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Dear Sanjit,

Thank you so much for your reply and help, it is very appreciated. From my understanding of RPA, it is possible to choose to build automation directly through the RPA deployment, and alternatively to build automation through use of API. Is this correct? Do people create their own API or is something provided for by e.g.: UiPath?

No need to create your own API to interact with UiPath orchestrator all the APIs are already provided by UiPath itself. If you are trying to build the automation for any other application, you need the API for that application to automate or you can use the UiPath Activities also.

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