Is the same diploma than certification?

I just finished the Developer Beginner trainer but when I download the Certificate file I noticed that it is written as a “Diploma”

Someone knows Why It says diploma instead of certification

PD: The training is great It really helps me to improve my projects

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Hi there, it’s one and the same thing.
I was also surprised upon downloading mine. I have raised the same concern with the UiPath team.
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Keep on learning :smiley:

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First of all congrats on finishing the course! We noticed many of our users were mislead by the term ‘Certificate’ and were confusing it with the Advanced certificate. We changed the naming to emphasize the meaning of the document, which need s to be perceived as a statement of completing the Foundation training.

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Ok, I suppose that the certification is not free, you can tell me How much does the certification cost?

I am interested in get the certification maybe not Now but as soon as I can I do it