Is the REF Framework Template the best option for this scenario?

Hi. Can someone please tell me if the REF framework template is ideal for the process I am about to describe? There is one spreadsheet with two tabs: the first tab contains staff info: including title, various rates and values, and direct reports and the second tab contains sales data for the previous month for the staff members of the previous tab. There are different 3 processes with different calculations dependent on a title hierarchy. For each staff record on the first tab, the records from the sales tab need to be extracted, and columns need to be added and calculated based on the data on both tabs. The data is then placed on a new spreadsheet and various columns are added to get sub totals and grand totals. The spreadsheet is then attached to an email and sent to the staff member. To add more complexity, staff with titles at the very top of the hierarchy get their calculations and various percentages for each staff member who report to them. This is very high level. Now can anyone tell me if the ref framework template is the best option- being that this is not exact processing one record at a time. Suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

This makes me think that you can in fact process one record (staff) at a time.
Although I’m not completely sure I understand your whole process, especially this part:

Maybe you can/need to do some preprocessing before using the REF, but it’s hard to say without understanding the whole process.

One last tip if you do end up using REF, there’s a nice REF template for tabular data, which seems perfect for your use case:

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