Is the Properies Inspector available in Version 2016.2.6274?



I have came across the functionality called Properties inspector in Lesson-12 (Debugging and Exceptions). The video says properties inspector is used to see the current value of all the variables declared in the current scope. But as I know we can’t see the variables current value in Properties tab, we could see it only on Local Window. I am working on UiPath Version 2016.2.6274.

Please give clarity on this.

Thank you.


I believe that Properties Inspector is referring to the Local Window. The properties window is not dynamic (i.e. does not change when the workflow is run)


Hi @richarddenton - The Local Window is a dynamic one. You could see the values changing in run time


Hi all

I cannot seem to find the Local Window. Where do I click to view the Local Window, or how should I activate it?

Thank you!


As of 2017.x you can find it bottom down, near output when debugging.


Thank you!