Is the level 3 assignment 1 supposed to be difficult?

I’m hoping to finish up my level 3 cert, and then become a fully certified RPA Developer. But man, the Level 3 assignment 1 was way more difficult than I expected. I don’t know if it was my approach, or if it was done that way to get you used to the misery of what RPA is.

For example:

  1. I wrote the datatable to disk to keep its contents, visually inspect the programs output, and to keep it up to date as I moved through various stages of my program. But updating a datatable is apparently even higher level than 3, because you have to tie in to another language (C#) to be able to do so.

  2. Scraping some of the data didn’t just work, so I used OCR. Which mostly worked, but finding out how to modify the settings was worse than a trip to the dentist.

  3. The drop down selector in the Acme site doesn’t support the select item. 2 click events worked around that…

I would think UIPath would want to show off their advanced stuff in the test. I didn’t get the impression that this was going to be a grueling real-world sludgefest, I figured it would be an easy recap of the material just presented.

Did I do it wrong?

Hi @Robot.Builder.9001
Check this

Ashwin S

I saw that a few days ago. Not sure how that’s relevant here though…


It’s certainly a step up from the foundation to the advanced exercises but there’s no need to vary from the general instructions.

Firstly, anything you can do in C# you can do in VB.Net (though I really wish C# was the default in UiPath as VB.Net syntax is awful in places).

I had no need to maintain a database of anything for any of the exercises.

Data scraping worked fine for me, though I did have to mess around with the paging/looping system to get that to work - the instructions didn’t make much sense to me in that regard.

Which drop down didn’t work for you?

You need fundametals of C# or VB.NET to work with UiPath. I don’t recall that the training has been designed to use anything that requires the skills of a full-zone C# or VB.NET programmer.

It will work. Please read the documentation that comes with the assignment. I have at times missed several steps. But giving some time to the documentation will definitely help.

Again, very important. The documentation here needs to be read a couple of times, but the drop downs in the Acme site will work.

Believe me! This sludgefest will pale in comparison to what you face in the real world. But it will prime you enough to deal with such real world scenarios.