Is the activating code of Studio different from that one for Orchestrator?



My company has got a trial code to activate Studio, in addition we set up an Orchestrator on our Server.
But when I tried to use regutil and this trial code to create a license file, I got the error response, “Invalid XML”.
Could you help me to figure out what wrong is with this process?


Hi Leon,

The trial code should work to generate the license file using regutil and after uploading to Orchestrator you should have 10 Robots of each type for 60 days. Did you follow the exact steps from user guide to generate the file?

If you did, please contact support in order to check if there is something wrong with the code: select Service request - Licensing.


If I activated Studio by manual way because of the firewall, is that possible for the same reason to cause the fail of activation for Orchestrator?


Yes, firewall may cause the fail of creating the license file. For this one, the support team can generate the file for you.