Is terminal field editable?

I have a mainframe terminal UiPath bot process that needs to check if a notes screen field is editable or not for the next decision. Does anyone have code or an activity to verify if a field is editable.

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Would you mind sending us a screenshot of what it looks like when editable and when not editable please ? I did not hear of a code that does it, but we’ll look together for a solution

Hi Timothy, welcome!

I haven’t seen any terminal activity that can do this in one step, but how about something like this:

  • Move Cursor to field position
  • Send Keys to write
  • Get Text at Position to read
  • Boolean to check if text has been entered correctly
  • Surrounded the sequence in Try/Catch in case any activity fails, because the field is missing or not editable

Handle exception in Catch block and continue process flow depending on boolean variable.

Does this help?
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