Is Studio X available on web version

Hello Guys
hope you are doing well
i am a noob and am beginning my journey with RPA via UiPath
I am having some issues with the the installation
i am unable to install studio X on my laptop as it is is a windows 7 32 bit and don’t have another spare laptop to install ui path as of now
so my question here is
Is there is a way in which i can use Ui Path Studio X on like a web application
I am not sure if its possible so i am just asking

Thanks & Regards
Nik Rebello

Hello @Little_Nicky

Welcome to Forums. Hope you are doing well.

There is no such web application available with UiPath. UiPath works with 32bit systems but I hope it will work only with the OS versions of Windows 8 and plus. You might need to upgrade your OS version, if i am not wrong.

Below is the documentation of the hadrware/software requirements for the installation of UiPath.

Hope this helps.


Thanks for the reply i will try to get my system upgraded if possible

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