Is secure or not using packages created by other user?

Hi Guys!

I would like to know, is secure use packages created by others user ?

Is any risk that for example if I use one of these packages not created by Uipath in the future the person who create the package could delete it?

@loginerror @ovi I will appreciate any comment thanks

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Hello Carmen,

You are right to think that there is some risk involved in using code created by the UiPath community. I personally have not experienced the case where packages were outright deleted. Even if that were the case, you would still have the package as a dependency and I am fairly certain it wouldn’t be deleted from any of your processes. The biggest issue that I have seen is that community projects are not necessarily maintained, so, if there is a breaking change in the future, a patch may not be created to address the issue.

I hope that helps,

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I’m not sure if this is going to work, if you are trying to import the package from go or any other location like Github, then there may be the chance of changes or deleting. If you downloaded and placed it in your local packages folder and then imported it, then you will have it all the time. so that it will be there until you delete it in the local @carmen



As you already downloaded that package and installed right. So you won’t face any issues with that if the person deleted that package. Just you won’t get any updates for that.


Hi @carmen

Your concern is absolutely right about using third party packages.
Our major concern in today’s time is our precious information(data) which we cannot compromise at any cost.
So, my opinion about using custom activity is,

  • Do not use custom activity(i.e third party package) which involves network connection especially when it uses your credentials.

  • It is safer to use custom activity when it does not involve any network connection, which means your precious data is only restricted to your local system.

Hope I’ve answered.

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