Is RPA Secure: How to ensure RPA robots don’t breach security?

With more and more organizations getting fascinated about the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and striving for the Automation First thinking there are various reservations and skepticism whether deploying the RPA robots can meddle with the enterprise security. Although this skepticism is natural but there are definitive ways and guidelines to maintain enterprise grade security while deploying a robust RPA solution in an organization.

There are a few steps and measures that when taken into account can get that peace pie out of the curiosity level to prevent unknowns to happen while RPA robots are running to automate the critical business processes:

  • Recognize the potential security risks associated with the Robotic Process Automation in an organization.
  • Understand what features are available out of the box from the solution being deployed. For instance if a solution being deployed is architecturally security supportive then we can make use of it to its best.
  • Apply best practices while implementing and deploying an organization wide RPA solution.

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