Is possible to sort the variable type of IList<T>?

The variable name VAR1 is the output record of the imported entity. Its type is
I would like to sort it. IList<T> Interface (System.Collections.Generic) | Microsoft Docs
if sorting is not possilbe, i like to change that VAR1 to the datatable.
I dont know my thought is correct or not. If somebody know how to sort or how to convert to the data table type . please reply.
Thanks ahead.

Which datatype is the List of? eg. int- List(Of Int32), string - List(Of String)
in general we do use the OrderBy Method from the list

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@ppr Thank you so much for the quick reply.
The IList of datatype is the imported entity type. Let me attach the pic.

Is there a Property / Field on this datatype that can be used for sorting? Currently we cannot more investigate on this datatype


Which field do you want to sort by?
If CreateTime, for example, the following will work.

OutEntityRecord = OutEntityRecord.OrderBy(Function(e) e.CreateTime).ToList


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@Yoichi さん

Thank you so much. It was solved.

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Hi, Did you mange to get it in DataTable ? Will you please help me? Thank you