Is possible put only a specific quantities of rows of a datatable on an excel sheet?

Please, I need some help.
I have a ‘DataTable’ extracted from a ‘DataScraping’ done in a website, this data will be written on an Excel sheet. In the Excel I need put 20 items, but I can’t just set up the extract wizard to collect 20 items because, after collect the data I have a filter to delete any rows that contains incomplete data and that reduces the number of items.

I was wondering if is possible do it in that way.
Example: scrap data (100 items), filter data (reduce to ±30 items), write on an Excel (a maximum of 20 items(the first 20)).

The current sequence:


@Jeff_E You can use below statement for picking top 20 or any number of top rows.

dtoutput = dtinput.AsEnumerable().Take(20).CopyToDataTable

where dtoutput and dtinput are output and input datatable names which i have taken for example and 20 is number of rows to copied you change this number according to your requirement.