Is orchestrator on-premises standard required for the hybrid setup

I have on premises orchestrator basic and i need to start using Document understanding on Cloud; do I need to upgrade my orchestrator to standard verision in order to do so?

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Usually document understanding uses three different extractors where two among them requires upgraded orchestrator for API access

  1. Regex extractor
  2. Form extractor
  3. ML Extractor

Here except REGEX others require api key

Still I would say It’s fine to START with basic orchestrator and experience the framework of document understanding with Regex extractor during initial stage

I would also suggest to reach out UiPath Sales team for better ideas and features

Cheers @Omar_AlSuleiman

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Thank you very much Palaniyappan

Another Question Please :slight_smile:
Today I have on-prim orchestrator, and recently we have bought On Prim Document Understanding Pages bundle; now, what is the proper way to start working on my on prim DU, knowing that I have active enterprise account on Automation Cloud as well.

I was thinking about hybrid methodology (On Prim DU + Cloud AI Center), but unfortunately till now I have no exact answer on how to start with DU best practices with what I already bought!

Sorry for the long question, but unfortunately, my local reseller has no enough technical skills to help me on my inquiries.

Thanks in advance,

No worries

I would like to know more about the basic environment architecture you have already set up

It would be great if you can reach direct technical team for more details and proper usage of combined products

Cheers @Omar_AlSuleiman

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