Is Open office tool compatible with UIpath

Can anyone suggest me. Is open office tool completely compatible to support all the excel features in UI path or any restrictions there?

Great question! @ovi what’s the answer to this? :slight_smile:


For Excel activities you need the Microsoft API and open office doesn’t have it.

The workaround would be to use the workbook activities.

I’ve tried System->File->Workbook->Get Table Range and UiPath raised an error:

Message: Extension ‘.ods’ is not supported. Supported extensions are ‘.xlsx’ and ‘.xslm’

So no, workbook activities doesn’t work, at least for native OpenOffice format (or I can’t use it properly, yes I’m a total newbie).

Moreover the UiPath does not recognise the elements of OpenOffice window so it is impossible to extract it as structured data or simply by pointing elements.

Alternative I can think of (and I’ll try and share results once tested) is to follow approach similar to integration with Citrix, with as much achieved through keystrokes as possible (and you can do a lot this way). I realise it’s a workaround and sounds creepy but I can’t think of any better solution. Let me mention that I have done a successful integration with Gimp this way (there’s the same problem, application elements are not recognised by UiPath).

Another method I can think of is to use a non-native, .xlsx format whith OpenOffice. But it’s far from perfection as well.