Is OData request by "batch with single Changeset" supported by Orchestrator REST API?

I created the sample program to send the request using OData request by “batch with single Changeset” to on-premis Orchestrator, whitch is using “OData v4 Client Code Generator”.

I tried to executed batch OData request by the C# client code following.

var container = new Container(new Uri("{Orchestrator's URL}"));
(Execute Authentication API and Setting Authorization to HTTP header in cantainer object.)
var asset1 = new AssetsDto(){
var asset2 = new AssetDto(){

I received the Json response from Orchestrator as the below.

{message:"No HTTP resource was found that matches the request URI 'https://orchestratorbdlab.local/odata/$batch'."}

I wonder if Orchestrator supports OData batch request or not and how I can request OData batch execution to Orchestrator if yes.

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OData REST API can process batch execution of mutiple changeset by recieving multi-part HTTP request…