Is license problem?

Installer(.exe or .msi): used MSI for recent upgrade - can’t tell if problem was there before since there were only one user at that time

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Enterprise

Studio/Robot version: Studio 2018.4.5

Current behavior: When one has extract a zipped wf and opens it the first time - the other users can’t access it and get the following screen - and the dependancies can’t be repaired.

full description from output: File ‘Main.xaml’ - variable ‘Pnummer’: Type ‘ui:GenericValue’ (‘’) could not be resolved and was automatically replaced with ‘UnknownType’, Could not find type ‘InvokeWorkflowFile’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 67, Column: 10, Could not find type ‘KillProcess’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 76, Column: 14, (…), Could not find type ‘MoveFile’ in namespace ‘’. Row: 267, Column: 90


@Emil.tophoej seems project.json file cannot be properly accessed. Dependencies also error and need to be repaired.

From my experience sometime when open WF the very first time Studio did not acquired library in time and get such error. Close Studio completely and reopen it just turn to be ok…

Hello @Emil.tophoej,
You can also try to remove “project.json” file (back it up somewhere) and open project using “Main.xaml”. It will build new “json” file for the workflow. Then you can update/download dependencies in Manage Packages. This should help.

Hello @Emil.tophoej,

Our studio uses Nuget4 of the When we download or install a package in order to efficiently resolve the dependency it manages a nugetcahe for the .nupkg that has been installed earlier.

As no other user have permission to open/modify the .local folder it fails when the same project is opened by another user.

The solution to this is to provide Full control to other users over the parent folder so that all subsequent folder inherit the same feature and other users can modify the .local on the need.


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