Is it worth using any Delay Before/After if Wait for Complete is true?

As the title says really, I always try and utilise ‘Wait for Complete = True’ but as a cover, on troublesome areas, try and add a few seconds or so to the delay before/after.

But if Wait for Complete = True, I daresay there’s no need for adding any other delays in is there?

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Delay before and delay after doesn’t rely on that property and vice verse

The reason is

Delay before is something a time mentioned to wait for the activity itself to execute
Only when it executes that activity will look for other properties

And same for delay after - which is something after successful execution of that activity
Only when executes successfully delay after is considered

Only during the successful execution the other properties are considered

On the whole all the other properties of a UI based activities will be considered only when they are executed
Where delay before and after are something out of that
It’s before and after execution of that activity

Cheers @steve1977beyond

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