Is it possible UIPath can read messages from an external chatting application?


I have a project to read messages from our company in-house chatting application (Not Team/Google).

I am not sure what to do.
Can any kind soul help me here please ? :sob: :sob: :sob:

Thank you sooooooooo much! :heart: :pray: :pray:

Hello @Jess ,

Does your chat system provide Rest API to read message? If then you can call rest api to get message into process

option 2. either you can do web scrapping of your message into process and return to apps from out variable.


Hello @Arvind_Kumar1

Thank you so much for your insights and possible ideas!

My company chatting app is using webhook.

As screenshot shown (sorry have to hide the sensitive information):
What I need to do is read error messages from the real-time alerts in the group chat. I am not sure how to do this via scrapping method, can you give more instructions if possible?

Thank you again!!!