Is it possible to work on UI Path in Mac OS?


Is it possible to work on UI Path in Mac OS?


Hi @sudheer909,

I am afraid not. UiPath Studio can be installed only on a windows machine (Windows 7 and above) or a windows server 2008 and above.



So it is not possible to work from a mac with any downloaded VM? If yes, what are the steps required


I did this with one of my macs. Your mac has to have 4GB RAM or more. I recommend more, and allocate as much as you can to the virtual machine.

It is easy. Just download VirtualBox from app store, and also free Windows 10 disk image from Windows.

When Virtual Box opens and asks for the drive, you have to click the folder icon and go look for the Windows 10 download. When Windows asks for your “version key” (or whatever its called, something key), just click on the bottom center link for “I don’t have one.” Windows will load normally.

Now just go get UiPath from your new Windows machine, and you’re good to go.