Is it possible to use variables in filter wizard?


I have to create different data tables using filter wizard, I don’t want to hard code anything so is it possible to run a two for each loop and add a variable for the output data table and the condition?

for example

in the output data table can i write something like Table.i where i=1,2,3 (table.1, table.2, table.3) as it iterates ? and can the condition also have variables?

Hi @ice_cream

You can use Clear data Table activity instead of creating the different variable.


Hi @ice_cream ,

Could you explain the Operation in a Bit more detail as to what you are trying to achieve.

We could have List of Datatables created in an Array and then use it, but the purpose need to be cleared.

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Lets assume:

arrTable is an array of DataTable - DataTable( )
idx a counter / index output…

only if arrTable is initialized with the needed length of elements then the assignment will work

if not initialized, then index bound exceptions is to expect

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