Is it possible to use the "direction" **in or out?** when it comes to Global Exception Handler

is it possible to use the “direction” in or out? when it comes to Global Exception Handler.

In direction seems to be available.

and also I’ve already checked this document.

Thank you in advance.


Yes you can use it…just click on it and select the require property


Change to the required direction and check it once. As its an argument it should allow in/out


I’m not sure why others are saying yes. The documentation clearly states the direction of the arguments and how they should not be removed. I would expect an error if you try to change them to an in/out and set it as the global exception handler. But you can always try and test it?

My further question would be, why do you want to change the direction? The Global handler is never invoked directly. You cannot get the out argument from it.

when I modified the value to “out” as in the below picture.

the error occurs from the studio. does anyone know about the direction?

only be available to use the “in” right?

@Anil_G @Jon_Smith @Rahul_Unnikrishnan


In for errorinfor and out for result should be there…you can modify to in/out but not only as out for errorinfor and not only as in for result

In/out is something that is valid…but again as it is not invoked …not sure how you are planning to use…

But yes if you give only out to errorinfo it would fail for sure as that is the input required for the global handler


@rudgns99 I don’t really know about “out” but if you just want to access variables and arguments from your workflow in the handler you can do that with errorinfo.workflowarguments(“Key”) or errorinfo.variables(“Key”) since everything is stored in a dictionary

Out is completely illogical. How to you expect an error handler to handle an error if you do not pass it an error…?

As asked before, what are you trying to do, there is no valid reason to edit these values that I can think of. I think you must misunderstand something…

Thanks, I understand what you said, I was just curious about when I changed the value to the “out” above that screen picture. Thanks a lot.

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