Is it possible to Use TakeScreenshot activity in unattended mode?

Hi, Can anyone help me? I am using Community Edition.

Ya tht perticular activity works in unattended mode too


If in case it’s not working for you refer link below


Have a look on the Thread

And also look into @nikhil.girish Suggestion



Take screenshot activity can work in both attended and unattended mode

It will work for sure even if you haven’t indicated any screen
In that case it just take the screenshot of the screen present at that moment
And have it as a img object

The main place where we fail is Saving that image

Usually many will just use take screenshot activity and won’t use save image activity where we need to pass the image object obtained from take screenshot activity
And also mention the file path with .png as extension to save the file

Hope this help you resolve this

Cheers @K_K

Hi Palaniyappan,
Take screenshot activity is not working in unattended mode. Could please help me to slove.
If i use save image am getting error.

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So now the issue is with save image

Can you share the filepath that you have used in your process

Make sure that the folder path is valid and correct and file should be with file extension .png

Cheers @K_K

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In save image activity mention the complete folder path not the relative path

Cheers @K_K

This is from orchestrator

Hi @K_K

Have a look on the XAML file to save image dynamically to folder

Take Screenshot.xaml (4.9 KB)


SaveImage Activity is working fine in attended mode. In unattended mode it shows Object Reference not set


Have a look on the thread


Hi Gokul,
I will try this and Let you know. Thank you