Is it possible to use inheritance variables

Main.xaml (6.7 KB)

Tom - 34.5
Bob - 65
Jerry - 80

Hi all, I have 3 double type scores and i add it into a list and loop to retrieve each value.
if the score is less than 50, i want to retrieve the name of the person instead of the score the person is associated with. Please help


Hi @Guest0203,

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Where are you getting these details from a excel or ?

Hi SamanGuruge,

I am getting these details from read pdf

there few possible ways to do this

  1. build Data table with a 2 column Name and Score and assign alls the values getting from pdf and add into the Datatable iterate it and check your condition and out the value of column Name

  2. Put data into a Dictionary<String,double> Add Person name as key and value as Score and iterate dictionary check your condition get the value of the key

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Hi @Guest0203,

for that you have to use names in your workflow,
you can use array of string —> {"Tom - 34.5", "Bob - 65", "Jerry - 80"}


To store name & score somewhere else and get it in workflow and use them.

for your understanding here I’m attaching a sample workflow —>Main.xaml (7.4 KB)

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Hi SamanGuruge,

Thank you very much!

I’ve tried the second way and the concept works well with my application

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Hi Samir,

Thank you for the tip

I’ve looked at your main.xaml and it is a quick way to solve the problem by parsing the strings

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