Is it possible to use a queue connected to a UiPath app as a data source?

I am trying to build an app that will list queue items from a specific queue with the status set to ‘New’ in a custom list. The queue item’s SpecificContent object contains some key/value pairs that reference the job id of the job that created the queue item and the file name that the job is working on. I then want to reference the job id in an event that runs another process that attempts to stop the job with that job id when a button in the list item is clicked and the user continues through the confirmation modal.

Rather than running a job to grab the queue items that meet this criteria, which is what I am currently doing, is it possible to use the built in queue functionality? The documentation at Referencing a Queue in your App ( is fairly limited and only discusses how to bind the keys of a queue item object to a control.

Also, and this probably warrants a separate post, I can’t seem retrieve the values of key/value pairs within the SpecificContent object of the returned queue items. When I use them in a label for example, it comes out blank. But if I use a key from the main object, such as the queues Id, that shows up just fine.

Any ideas/suggestions? Thanks.

*I don’t want to get into details about why the process does things this way as that is beyond the scope of the question.

Here is an example of the content returned by each queue item using the current process for reference.

Hello @JLynch ,

There is no direct rules to get Queue item as data source into Apps pages.

To achieve your functionality. you can create a UI Path Process and Read all the Queue item and Place the queue item into Data table into process and Return the data table as Out Argument into orchestrator.

Once Queue item is working good from Orchestrator and process is running then you can add Process into Queue and then you can bind out_Datatable argument as Data source into Apps pages as table or custom list etc.

Hope this will give you an idea. Please do let me know if you are unclear.


At this moment we cannot achieve this directly, we should go with a workaround by filtering the cases from Orchestrator Queue and maintain them over DataTable then we can use table to use the data.

Thanks for the recommendation @Arvind_Kumar1. That’s essentially what I am doing currently. Now the problem I have to work out is why I cant get the values within the ‘SpecificContent’ Object within the returned datatable. Anytime I reference those values in a ui component in the app, they show blank. Only top level items return values.

Ok. That is what I figured and that is what I am doing. Thanks, @sankar.kuna