Is it possible to "turn Off Native Citrix Recognition"?

I am building a POC, using Community Edition where the robot connects over Citrix to a hosted application that is run by a third party. Therefore it is NOT possible to deploy UiPath code onto the Citrix host environment.

Robot currently runs OK from Studio.
When the robot is published and run as nupkg from command line, the initial connection to Citrix works but then “Freezes” for about a minute. This seems to be the same behaviour as documented for the missing Citrix server UiPath component.

The robot has not been constructed to use “Native Citrix” support. Is there any parameter that can be used to ensure UiPath does not try to invoke “Native Citrix” support?

Many thanks, Dave

Hi @DavidMartin

I suppose the quick and dirty way to resolve it would be to remove the Citrix extension from the affected machine:
SetupExtensions.exe /citrixclient /uninstall

The solution adopted, was to reduce the time waiting for the Citrix response, then open and close Excel. This caused the focus to change. The Citrix window completed its activity, so that a new “Find image” activity on the Citrix window was successful.

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