Is it possible to start multiple background process(2019.10 frameworkwork) from Orchestartor. - Urgent

Is it possible to start multiple background process from Orchestartor (2019.10 framework).

I am facing an issue :- ** Help will be really appreciated**

I created a background process(2019.10) to monitor my mail box and read email, extract information and save to Orchestartor queue. The background process runs 24/7. I used trigger configuration for a foreground process from Orchestartor, which trigger the process if there is any queue item added. The trigger works fine as I expected but in Orchestartor the process is in pending state because my background job is running on the same robot server.

Can I know how we can resolve this. Is it supported.


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Thanks for reply.
You are right for the normal process, but 2019.10 version introduced a new framework call background process. you can run as many process on a same robot server with one foreground process at same time.

Hi @prsprakash! The Parallel Execution capability is available only for Attended Robots for now. For Unattended you can still run only one process at a time.


I first started the 2019.10 template background process from orchestrator and also started the foreground process from the orchestrator on to the same unattended robot. While background job is running main process shows me as pending state in orchestator. My impression was even if background job is running foreground process will run. Please correct me if I am wrong. I can run both process simultaneously if I run from robot tray. For unattened robot that is not an ideal situation.
What I need to do if want to run both process at same time on a single robot.


If the any job is running(either it is background or not) then Bot will be in busy state, So we can not run other process till it completes running the existing one.

If you want both process. make both process in a single process and use parallel activity in code

Hi All,

Thanks for the reply. U have question what is the use of new background process template introduce in 2019.10 version.

I thought we can run as much as background job simultaneously along with a main process.

It works while I trigger the job from robot tray but didn’t work thru Orchestrator.


Prakash P

I thought background process is something like which we can run without interaction.

I haven’t gone through the background process template in 2019.10

I will explore and let you know.


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