Is it possible to Split the Document at the level of Classifiers and Save them as Single PDFs

Hi, quick question - I have multiple invoices/other types of docs in one big PDF. Is there any smart way to use the split that happens at Classifying/Classification Station into various separate invoices, to actually split and save those files as separate PDFs?


@salladinne : do you have any unique separator between each section of pages to split PDFs?

Have you got any workaround for this problem statement?

They key thing I think as has been mentioned is being able to identify each document.

We have a similar case but always have to split on a cover page after which there can be any number of other types of documents.

We use the classifier trained on this cover page to identify every one within the full pdf and we use the extract pdf page range activity to split these out to new pdfs using the DocumentBounds.StartPage and Length values from the classification results.