Is it possible to show the execution time in a message box or write?

I want to see the total execution time which shows in the Output, is it possible to show in a message box or write. is there any direct variable. ??

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Hi @balkishan,
I don’t think there is a direct variable, but we have an alternative to do that.
Use assign variable to capture the starting time and in the end, use another variable to capture the ending time. So, you can get the time bot runs, by substracting ending time and starting time


Hi @balkishan

Yes it is possible. When you are starting your flow Store Time in Start time variable. after completion of whole process Store time in End time variable. Then find the difference which will give you execution time.

DateTime Start_Time= DateTime.Now
//The flow That you want to measure execution time
DateTime End_time= DateTime.Now

TimeSpan Execution_Time= End_time.Subtract(Start_Time)

Hope this will help you.



@Vijay_Kumar_C Thanks for your response. But it showing me different time. If you the in the last line execution ended in: 00:00:04
In the written line it shows diff

Hi @balkishan

Can you please share the workflow that you are trying to get data ?


Hi @balkishan,

I think you have interchanged your time variables in the subtraction here, and are getting a negative value instead.

I agree that that won’t make any difference in the actual value, but double checking that won’t do anyone harm!

Also, try printing the start and end time separately to see what they contain.

Check on that and let us know!


One more thing is, If your starting time is something like 11:05:59 seconds and your end time is 11:06:06 seconds, and you are substracting seconds in end time and start time. Sure you will get a negative value. Need to find a solution for that :slight_smile: