Is it possible to set relative position without recording

I have seen that it is possible to set a relative position to an image click when using the recorder but cannot find the option while using manual activities. How do you set a relative position with mouse clicks without using: recording > image > mouse click?

Edit: Is it possible to do without enter manual (x, y) offset values. Through clicking offset like with recorder?


Short answer: To adjust mouse position relative to an element or image, look at the Cursor Position properties of the Click activity in your workflow:

Hope that helps. You basically put a number value in that property and it will change the position of the mouse when it clicks.


So there is no way to click-to-position without being in a recording?

I don’t think you can because the click position is normally centered to the element or region that you selected. However, I have not used the Recording feature that much to know for sure. If I do use recording though, I usually go back in and make many edits, because to be honest using solely recording without manual edits will present some inconsistencies with your job runs.

I think it is 100% required that we be able to set relative positions without being in a recording. The citrix recorder seems to be entirely insufficient. There are many glitches that require you edit every single recording. Thanks for your answer though, I just wanted to hear it from someone else that it is not possible.

Good point @mtu
That would be helpful.

Hey @mtu

I took a look at it closer and there might be a way.

Try clicking on “indicate” a point

That option seems to only be available when using the recorder. I am using the manual steps:


Ok, then if you use the manual steps, you will need to change the Cursor Position properties of that activity; they will be on the right after you select the image or element. You kind of need to use trial and error though to find the right value to offset the X and Y position.

You can use Anchor base activity for this. It will use a static element as anchor.

  • In anchor, you need to use find element.
  • In actions, you can use activities like click, type into etc…