Is it possible to set all checkboxes to false?

@BjoernMikolajewski check the selectors

you can explain this in more detail

Check the unique one that keep on changing, Check the difference of 2 r 3 selectors, find the difference in them.
The one which is changing can be kept ur selector

Hi @BjoernMikolajewski

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It looks like you are trying to assign the value to a checkbox with an Assign activity and unfortunately it is not the way (the Assign activity is used to modify your process variables and not the external application UI fields).

However, you are almost there. You are already looping through UI elements using the Find Children activity. Simply replace your Assign activity with a Click activity and it should work :slight_smile:

first thank you for the help
The aastate is changing “markierbar”–>“aktiviert, markierbar”, but how assign the “Aktiviert” to aastate?
sorry for my bad englisch

The Click activity doesnt work , because of the “indicate on screen”?

The one, which is changing can store in a variable and that should be pass inside the selectors, the place it is changing
example: ’ “+variable+” ’