Is it possible to schedule the task after shutting down the sysytem?

will the process run /schedule after shutting down the sysytem


This might give you Some insights about that

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Hi @bhala - As per my knowledge, the system should be in Locked status rather than shut down hence the process will run. If you are running it from the Desktop.


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If machine is not running - all processes are not running

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It will try to run the process but it will failed because the machine is missing . @bhala

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When the machine is switched off, it will try to run the job, but it will fail because there is no machine available to run the process. However, in the Orchestrator, you can set alerts. These alerts can be configured so that in case of the job failure, it will send out an email with the failure notice. And also, it will send a email when the machine goes offline so that you can act accordingly in those situations.

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