Is it possible to schedule the process to run from UI Studio other than Orchestrator?


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You can you windows scheduler.

Refer below url


Task Scheduler is not supported anymore,Its deprecated since version 8.
you’ll need to use Orchestrator.

Hi @ddpadil,

I know this is info for some weeks now, but I do not think this is ok.

To customers with processes already implemented and running this way, what UiPath actually says ‘It is Orchestrator or nothing’.

Does UPath have a way for those processes to continue running without customers paying again for re-work or extra licenses?

Kind regards,

viorela ! this one for you.:slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Dimitrios,

First, let’s set some things clear in order to give the right answers. What version do you have? Have you done any upgrades?

Which way? If in 2016.2 version they had a number of Attended/Unattended or FO/BO robots, when migrating to 2017.1 the number of robots will be transfered to the new licensing.

Task scheduler is not supported since 2016 version - meaning if something goes wrong if you use it, we don’t offer solutions.

The recommendation of using Orchestrator is because it has improved a lot(in matters of security, logging, licensing etc.) and UiPath is offering full support on it.

So, again, how were you running the processes before and what’s changed now? Please provide Studio/Robot versions.


Hi @ovi and thanks for the response.

I do not disagree that Orchestrator offers all these beautiful things, on the contrary I would love it if all my clients had one. However, my question is not about a specific case.
I am just saying that if one decides to upgrade without an Orchestrator or buy new licenses he has no other alternative than Orchestrator in regards to scheduling.
That is why I am saying that it is ‘Orchestrator or nothing’.

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Yes, if an upgrade is made, scheduling is through Orchestrator only. :slight_smile: