Is it possible to run multiple automation at the same time on multiple Edge webpage?


My automation bot is attended, I have an automation that works well with the edge browser and all in the background, but the problem is that this automation is going to take too much time, so is there a possibility to open a 2nd edge browser window and also run the same automation on it ? If yes, please tell me how its done.



I suppose you are asking for a way to run the automation while you use your computer, if that’s the case, run the automation on PiP(Picture in Picture) mode a mode in which the bot creates an isolated windows session and runs it there, and on the meanwhile you can interact with your computer.

My advise is to publish your automation and run it from the assistant as PiP mode Picture In Picture

Hi Sebastian,

I did not use the PIP mode for my current automation and I can still use my computer, the edge browser can be minimized no problem. I can do whatever I want on my computer while its running.

Thank you

Hello @kaiji_San

You can use the background template to achieve the same, as you mentioned its working in the background.


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Hi Rahul,

infact I was wrong, even though the edge browser can be minimized my process is not a background process.

So only option is to use virtual machines, I really thought this could be done with uipath
because guys who use selenium do it no problem,

Uipath has its limitations after all


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