Is it possible to reuse trained ML Models for different customers?

Hey there,

I’ve been (re)training and using various ML models for different customer, most of which are based on UIPath models (Invoices, general document understanding).

Some of those took quite a while to get to the level they are now.

Is there a way to extract/export the models for future use (and different customers)?

Because the model is deployed on the customers environment I cannot use it for other customers, even though I trained it.

One thing I thought about is to keep all the training data and train the model again in the new environment, but this is not always possible, especially when the data is sensitive.

As ML Models themselves don’t contain any of the sensitive data, I’d love to simply export those.

Another usecase for us would be to train models for future use and just implement them on the customers AIFabric when the time comes.

One could even imagine a marketplace with pretrained UIPath models. The current marketplace only allows for custom python models, but we’re ususally retraining existing document understanding models.

Thanks in advance,