Is it possible to refresh USB Ports Using UiPath?

Is it possible to refresh USB Cable Ports Using CMDs, Powershell,…etc with the help UiPath ? Thx

We can do that using UiPath by using the activities like navigating to devmgmt.msc and double clicking the USB controllers and then navigating to advanced → Properties and refresh

Just 5 steps @hsendel

Thanks HareeshMR,

But how to see which USB port is related to my specific device ?
Also there is no Advanced Option inside those items.


You must be a Admin user to get the advanced options :slight_smile: @hsendel

Probably I didn’t ask correctly the question, my concern is to simulate Plug/Unplug USB Cable using only Commands without touching the Cable :slight_smile:

Here you will get all the details in the advanced to refresh the USB

But removing , I’m not familiar with that :slight_smile: