Is it possible to read sms using UIpath?

Is it possible to read an sms through UIpath?.if so,which activity can be used ?

I know you can interact with SMS through email for many providers, because they use your number like an email address (ie 1234567890@providerdomain). I don’t know if you can read the messages though, but maybe

Also, UiPath used to have support for the Twilio app, so you can check out the Twilio.Workflow.Activities… I do not know how well it works and may only let you send out SMS messages.

The other option to research on is that I believe you can get SMS messages through coding languages. Then, you could implement that with UiPath. I can’t say I know the exact solution for that but there are many resources online.

EDIT: Others might know more information on this request.



Hello Mohammad,
You have 2 movies here how I send SMS with 2 different servicies:

Cristian Negulescu

Thanks, Cristian!

And what about reading sms, say for a 2-factor authentication?