Is it possible to publish a Uipath form for employees of a company to make appointments, so that we can store the data into the database?

IS it possible? if yes, then what are the software/licence requirements to do that?

hey @sonal_bimbra

You would need a database, UiPath project with Database.Activities as well as database account with write permissions.

With this you can read data from form, connect to database and input data into it.

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So if you create forms alone then you need the other person to install UiPath runtime atleast as they run attended

So i beleive if you want the end user to send inputs only and need not have UiPath run time then you need to create a UiPath app and then share it across.

Now for the licensing part please look at the below links

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But the Uipath app is not available on the App Store, so how will the employees access it from their phones to fill in forms?

Hi @sonal_bimbra

If you need it on phone there wont be any separate app. You need to use orchestrator app or use browser to go to your orchestrator where you can access apps on phone as well

Employees needs to be given access to your cloud orchestrator in order to access apps

Else there is aseparate license if you dont want them to come to orchestrator which will give you a url to the app directly

For more clarity, Check this video on how to use apps from your mobile