Is it possible to merge to pdf files together

if i want to merge pdf is there any activity is there or i need to scrape the data to a word and then convert it to pdf

HI manoj,

You can check the UiPathTeam.FileConverter.Activities in Manage Packages. It has activities which may help you for converting Doc file to PDF.


I guess now you have the answer for converting word to PDF here is the answer of your first question
you can use this activity to merge the PDF’s


You can find these activities in these packages.


Hi @anmolk171

I’m trying to use “Merge PDF Files” Activity
while passing folder path into “SoruceFile” property but getting below error


please suggest.

Hope this link will resolves you issue

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@prashantP - You have to use array of string which contains the path of file.
Let’s say you have array source={‘1.pdf’, ‘2.pdf’,‘3.pdf’}
You have to pass source in source file then it will merge all three files.

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thanks ,


I have below scenario :

  1. merge img to pdf(1 to 1 img to pdf)
  2. merge all pdf to 1 pdf( Many to 1 pdf)

kindly suggest.

@prashantP- Can you please share the workflow so that I can look at that

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Hi @anmolk171

thanks for support

I have just changed “merge PDF Files” to “Join PDF Files” activity.
and its done.

below is refernce snap