Is it possible to make the robot Execution speed slower for the applications that load slowly? (just like in Debug mode)

Hi there,

I am trying to automate multiple financial audit process in an oracle application. The application has java forms which sometimes take alot of time to load and sometimes they just load quickly. The application’s behavior is similar to a desktop or citrix based app so I have used many short keys to navigate the application in the Sequences/flowcharts. I have used ‘find element’ or ‘find image’ whereever I could to let the application load before performing next activity. I have used ‘delaybefore’ and ‘delayafter’ in the activities themselves so that they have gaps in between.

The issue is that when I run the bot on Debug mode at 1x or 2x speed, it runs fine.

But when I actually ‘RUN’ the bot, it gets way ahead of the application loading speed. Even the Findelement and FindImage don’t stop the execution or don’t seem to work and every single execution keeps giving me different errors which are basically just some element which wasn’t found because the application hadn’t loaded yet, but the robot just went ahead and pressing a bunch of the short keys and moved to the next activity while the application is lagging behind.

I have tried Image exits, Find Image, Fine Element, Delay but the behavior is too inconsistent.

The only thing I can think of is to be able to make the execution speed slower just as in debug mode. Is it possible to make the Robot execution speed slower just like it is possible to debug at slower speeds? Or is there any other way. Kindly help!!!

Make sure you are using wait element vanish / element exists with longer timeouts - this will mean that if it finds a screen in a shorter time it will carry on but if it takes longer then it will wait up until a defined amount of time - Max wait time is what you are willing to allow for the process to be considered efficient enough.

I.e. Element Exists with timeout of 120000 (2 mins) -
Screen appears in 5 seconds - you only wait 5 seconds
Screen appears in 90 seconds - you only that time.

If it takes longer than 2 minutes then it will throw an exception but you could always try retry loops to extend that time.

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