Is it possible to keep working with mouse on regular work and let robot login as per process created

Hi Team,

I have a scenario where I have to log in to the web remedy application and create a remedy.

Now, when I trigger the process I want to keep working on some other task ( My regular work ).

Is it possible to do above? as if I run the process and keep watching it then it makes no sense in automating a process.

Thanks & Regards,

Hi @Kumarsinha,

If BOT is doing the process you should not do other process in the same machine…you need to wait untill the BOT runs successfully.

If you are forcely doing the particular element will not found for the BOT so it will through the exception.


Hi ,

Does that mean there is no way to achieve this, I will not touch the applications on which Robot is working but I can do at least something else, is that also not possible? I will not interfere in what robot is doing , but can I use the same machine for doing my own work, like coding etc.

Thanks & Regards,

Most of the activities are working after I changes the type to ‘Stimulate’, but click image has no such option, looking for it. Please help if you have any input.