Is it possible to keep a message if anyone clicked on run button from child workflow?

Hi Everyone,

There are 2 workflow 1) Parent flow 2) Child flow

Project starts from Project flow. If anyone mistakenly clicked on child row then is it possible to keep a message box showing start from the parent flow?


Hi @Boopathi,

Of course!

You can achieve it with a simple IF condition and a variable that you will create in your Parent flow and which will be passed to your Child flow as an IN argument.
Then all you have to do is to give the IN argument in your Child flow an initial value.

Your IF condition in your Child flow can throw an exception if the value of the IN argument is equal to the default value from Child flow. But it will let the workflow continue if the value of that variable is different - by passing it from Parent flow :slight_smile:

I hope that is clear. Let me know if you need more help here.

See this example project for extra visualisation :slight_smile: (3.2 KB)

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@loginerror Thank you for your suggestion. It helped me a lot.