Is it possible to integrate Git with UIPath Studio with Community License?

I am using UIPath Studi Community License.
I have recently started using UIPath so want to know if the Community edition can be used to integrate with GIT?
Or is it only supported in Enterprise edition?

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Hey @Lokesh_Chandra

I hope you are asking to maintain code through GIT.

If yes, then the answer is also yes.


Hi Nithin,
Yes I am talking about checkin In and maintaining my code in GIT.
If it’s possible using Community edition then can you please guide me the steps to achieve the same or provide me a link where I can find the steps.

Here’s what I see on my UIPath Studio:

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Hey @Lokesh_Chandra

Sure, here is the links which may help you.

  1. Managing Projects with GIT

  2. Git and Version Control in UiPath (Tutorial from Start to Finish) - YouTube

Hope that helps


Hi @Nithinkrishna

Thank you for the quick response.

This is helpful.

Best Regards

Hi @Lokesh_Chandra,

Tldr: In short, UiPath Git integration covers the most used git commands which is a good starting point and if needed you can utilise additional commands from git bash or git gui.

Git works on any folder with a .git folder after git is initialised in that folder.

UiPath Studio has inbuilt integration with git for local repositories and GitHub for remote repositories.

If you see limitations, you can always use either git GUI or git bash to do perform other operations which are difficult to do using the UiPath git integration. You do this by navigating to your repository and opening git bash or guy GUI.

Say for example you want to add only specific files to staging or get status of your local / remote repositories and many more operations which Studio does not support.

Another advantage of using Git outside of studio is that you can version control a bunch of projects all at once. Say you have Project1 and it also has its own library Library1, you can then have git initialised in a parent folder containing both the Project1 and Library1 folders. This way you can version control both these projects as and when needed.