Is it possible to install Insights into a clustered high availability environment like Orchestrator

We would like to install Insights in a clustered high availability environment. Has anyone done this before?

we don’t have a supported setup for HA Insights, but there are ways to do this from the backend. the front-end of Insights (insights server) does not support HA out of the box yet but will be available in a later release.

The Insights database should be part of the sql HA solution you use - that will cover the Insights backend HA.

There might be options to achieve HA without direct support from Insights. For example, if you deploy insights on a VMWare VM, you can use vSphere HA to ensure HA for the whole VM; or if you use Hyper-V VM you can do same for a Windows Cluster.

Thanks Michelle, do you have any idea of timing for Insights High Availability, or more specifically, will it be included in the spring release of UiPath

Unfortunately it won’t make it into the spring release. At the earliest, I’d say the next LTS release but it’s really a function of our capacity and other priorities that come up as well. this is on our radar though, so we will certainly have a solution for it