Is it possible to include a RDP inside an other RPD?


Is it possible to include a RDP inside an other RPD ?

or to include Ctrix into a RDP?

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hi @lionel31
why not yes its possible :sunglasses:

In this case
is it necesserary to have UiPath Remote Runtime component and the Windows Remote Desktop Extension both on the same machine?
for example on the B machine to operate the C machine from the A machine ?

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for your scenario

Extension for Windows Remote Desktop : yes

Depending on the type of environment you want to build your automation projects on, the UiPath Remote Runtime component can be installed as follows:

source :About UiPath Remote Runtime

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is the any limitations with multiple inclusions?

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Thank you Maneesha

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Establishing a Remote Desktop connection from inside a nested Remote Desktop connection isn’t supported. All RDP features can be used with the first RDP connection; that is, the connection between the user’s client computer and the first Remote Desktop computer.