Is it possible to have UiPath Studio opened during the Advanced RPA Developer Exam?

I was wondering if it is possible to use UiPath Studio and Orchestrator, while taking the exam.
I ask this because there are a lot of things that one doesn’t know exactly by hearth, but it is easy when having access to the software.

I apologize if this question sounds like out of place…
Thank you!

@jodeleu You can use UiPath Studio and Orchestrator. In exam we need to create workflows.

Hi @jodeleu,

In the new exams in the UCP certification program, you will encounter multiple choice questions, drag and drop and simulation based. You will not be asked to build a robot nor have access to any other software except the one in which you will be taking the exam. Hope this helps.

Best regards,
UiPath Certified Professional team

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Thank you Andreea.
This was exactly my question.

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